Design Museum

The Art Hall Designed by Rocco Yim

Incorporating elements of both art and design, the Design Museum is the first professional museum serving the design industry. It interacts with top international design museums, and serves as a unique and engaging venue for international conferences, academic forums, theme exhibitions, competitions and crossover art events.


ManJingHua Design Museum has a total construction area of 10,242 sq meters, with an exhibition area of 4,000 sq meters. The average height of the exhibition hall reaches 5.4 meters, and the height of the underground exhibition hall is even up to 10 meters. The Design Museum also has a multi-function lecture hall capable of accommodating 400 people, two VIP reception rooms, one design shop, one rooftop restaurant and nearly 300 parking spaces. The museum will inspire life by design and build an open and cooperative network between designers and the industry.